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Michael Scofield [userpic]

[EM] 52 - Betrayal

August 15th, 2007 (03:27 pm)

current mood: calm

Looking back, Michael knew he would betray them. From that first moment when he asked Tweener to lift the watch off Geary, he knew in some small, shuttered corner of his mind that it was a bad idea. The kid was young...he didn’t understand a thing about cold calculation, and he understood even less about loyalty.

Or so Michael thought until he took a bullet for the group.

There were a lot of things Michael hated himself for, and he’d collected most of those sins while trying to save his brother’s life. Among them were the sins of denying Tweener a PI assignment, neglecting to repay him for the watch. Putting him in a position where he thought he could get somewhere with Bellick...where his ignorance of cold calculation and a wealth of sheer desperation drove him to betray the only friends he had.

But among the worst of his crimes, including armed robbery, was the crime of arrogance...believing that he could shape the world to his will. He was guilty of seeing too little in David Apolskis...and guilty of seeing too much.

He was guilty of helping Tweener grow up on the wrong side of the law...and in his realization of adulthood, in making himself a better person...Michael was guilty of killing him.

Tweener had betrayed them all, and Michael always knew he would...but he was the only one among them who was truly innocent.

And the blood of that innocent was going to stain Michael’s hands for the rest of his life.

Muse: Michael Scofield
Fandom: Prison Break
Words: 262