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Michael Scofield [userpic]

[EM] 26 - What makes you feel safe?

January 30th, 2007 (09:25 am)
current mood: awake

When I was growing up, Linc got into a fair amount of trouble...when we were apart, I’d get stuck in a foster home when he wasn’t there to take care of me. I only ever resented that about him...that he never seemed to understand that I only ever felt safe when we were together.

I grew up, my life changed...but regardless of how things were between us, that one fact never did. Sometimes I almost hated him for it...that he could be such a royal screwup, always coming to me for anything and everything...every message I let him leave, every time I scorned him in private or to his face...I hated that he was still my touchstone. I hated that he was such a vital presence to me...so much a part of my life that I took him for granted.

My brother isn’t perfect...in fact, he’s about as far from perfect as a good man can be. But he still is just that...a good man. And he is my brother...in every sense of the word.

I made it to Fox River because he was there...and nothing could really hurt me as long as my big brother was there. My blood spilled more than once, and I dealt with a fair amount of physical hardship, making sure I got those insulin shots every day inside...and since we broke out, I’ve had to subject myself to such atrocities...

I’ve become a man I never wanted to be. But the sacrifices I’ve made...I made for him. Just like he sacrificed everything for me.

And regardless of what happens, what we do or how far we go...I can handle all of it so long as Linc and I are together. He’s my family...and I know that I’m always safe with my family to watch over me.

Muse: Michael Scofield
Fandom: Prison Break
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