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Michael Scofield [userpic]

[EM] 22 - Truth Will Set You Free

December 13th, 2006 (03:47 pm)

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‘The truth will set you free’...if it were that easy, trust me...my life would be a hell of a lot different.

The fact of the matter is that while the truth may have the power to redeem, there is absolutely nothing redeeming about it. Ignorance is torture, and the truth doesn’t enlighten or illuminate...it doesn’t offer much more than cold, hard facts, and oftentimes those are facts that no one wants to see or hear.

Believe me...I know what I’m talking about. If the truth were any good to anyone, Sara Tancredi would be safe and sound under the auspices of the law, my brother would be free and clear, and countless innocent people would still be alive.

The truth won’t set you free....it won’t liberate you or cleanse your soul. It just might clear your name or tell you who you have to kill for revenge against a wrong...but it won’t offer any kind of redemption.

I used to believe in truth once...before I had to learn the power of lies, and their importance to really surviving in this world. The truth does nothing but hurt people...you just have to be sure you have the right facts at your disposal to hurt the right people if you want to protect the people you love.

Anything else? Will get you killed faster than you can say ‘thou shalt not lie.’

Muse: Michael Scofield
Fandom: Prison Break
Words: 236